Rachel Maddow confirms New York criminal case against Trump world is moving forward

Over the past week, a good amount of news has surfaced out of the New York criminal probe into Donald Trump and the Trump Organization – but that news has largely gotten lost in the shuffle. It must be eating the eternal narcissist Trump alive that he’s not getting headlines, even though the news coming out of the probe is undoubtedly bad for him.

But during her show tonight, Rachel Maddow made a point of pointing out that these developments really are happening. Matthew Calamari Jr has indeed testified to the New York grand jury, and by definition, it means prosecutors are looking to bring additional indictments. Further, since Calamari Jr is getting transactional immunity under New York law by testifying, it means prosecutors are essentially giving him a free pass because of the knowledge he has about more important figures.

As Maddow pointed out, we have no way of knowing for sure who’s being targeted for indictment by the Calamari Jr testimony. But we have a hard time imagining that Calamari Jr would be giving up his dad Matthew Calamari Sr, unless his dad has already decide to cooperate as well.

Are we looking at superseding indictments against Allen Weisselberg, or is Team Calamari flipping on Donald Trump and/or his family? We won’t know those details until they surface in the next indictment, or until prosecutors strategically decide to give it to the media. But it’s now 100% clear that prosecutors never had any intention of simply bringing the initial indictments and calling it a day. As Palmer Report predicted from the start, the initial indictments were merely the first step in an escalating process that’s aimed at Donald Trump himself.

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