The race is on to sell Donald Trump out

Last night we learned that not only has Steve Bannon sold Donald Trump out to the House Judiciary Committee, he already sold Trump out to Special Counsel Robert Mueller a long time ago. Bannon is far from the only former devoted Trump loyalist now racing to kick dirt on Trump.

Today we’re seeing the public release of the search warrant that the FBI used to raid Michael Cohen’s office and seize evidence, which was ultimately used to send him to prison. Under different circumstances, you’d think Cohen might be upset about this. But last night he released a statement through his attorney, saying that he’s entirely in favor of it, because he’s just that eager to see Trump brought to justice.

We’re seeing more and more of this by the hour. Each time a new piece of legislation goes through Congress, more Republicans vote against Donald Trump on it, as even Trump’s own political party begins to try to insulate itself from his expected downfall. Fox News just suspended one of Trump’s favorite hosts, Jeanine Pirro, and may be on the verge of dumping Tucker Carlson as well, because Fox cares more about its own bottom line than it does about trying to keep Trump from drowning.

In the coming days we’ll hear about the additional current and former Donald Trump associates who have sold him out by turning over incriminating documents to the House Judiciary Committee. The hits just keep coming. More and more people in Trump’s orbit have concluded that Trump is going down, and they’re afraid of going down with him.