Kamala Harris just turned the 2020 race on its head

The people of America are already moving past the doomed Donald Trump and are focusing on new candidates who have not been “dirtied” by American politics as we see them now. Many old school candidates are ready to retry their hands, but many Americans are looking for a fresh face and a fresh perspective. Senator Kamala Harris may just be one of those people. She has started her campaign off strong with a rally in Oakland, California today, and her message seemed to be well-received by the audience. Needless to say, Senator Harris’ idea of a rally stands in stark contrast to the circus that Donald Trump brings to town.

It was a refreshing voice that spoke from the podium, and her message was inclusive, not exclusive, like Donald Trump treats his constituents. She made it clear she wants an America that works for all people, regardless of any labels. Furthermore, it didn’t sound like saccharine sweet lies were dripping from her lips, like the sugary sweetness that Trump threatens to kill us all with, every time he has a microphone presented to him. Senator Harris mentioned many topics at her rally that concern most Americans. Not least, she spoke about election reform and protecting our democracy from infiltrators, domestic and foreign.

Now, regardless of whether Senator Harris is elected or not, her message to take back the moral integrity of our country and even our world is something that rang true and felt like fresh water in a desert devoid of integrity. At her rally in California, she spoke on things that are important to most Americans, like the fact that the cost of living has greatly increased, but the living wage is gasping for its last breath. Income inequality, climate change, health care and common-sense security measures are among the topics she spoke about.

Kamala Harris not only hit the nail on the head regarding the worries of Americans today, but she did so with a sincerity that likely resonated across most demographics. She acknowledged that today’s climate is a bit odd and that this election will likely reflect the odd nature of today’s politics, but if she, and other candidates can continue to keep it real, like we saw at her rally today, then we may just end up improving our country. It would be progress considering the traditional “boot on the neck” approach that the old schoolers tend to embrace.