Donald Trump has berserk meltdown while aboard Air Force One

Donald Trump seems unusually agitated right now during his Air Force One flight to Mar-a-Lago. His frantic Twitter explosion is usually a sign that he expects really bad news to break for him before the day is over. We’ll see what ends up happening on that front. But for now, Trump’s behavior at the moment is rather bizarre, even by his usual nonexistent standards.

For instance, Donald Trump just quoted some idiot named Paul Sperry six different times in the span of less than an hour. Who is this guy? His bio says he’s the “Former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily” – and suffice it to say that “former” is the key word there. In any case, those retweets may have just gotten Trump in some new legal trouble.

Paul Sperry posted a tweet making criminal accusations against Michael Cohen’s family, which is not a crime on Sperry’s part, even if the accusations are unfounded. But when Donald Trump retweeted Sperry’s tweet, Trump committed felony witness tampering. Cohen is an active witness in a criminal investigation into Trump, and so Trump can’t do that.

Strangely, Donald Trump then went on to announce that “Sessions didn’t have a clue” after Sperry posted an article revealing that former Acting Attorney General Andrew McCabe launched an investigation into his then-boss Jeff Sessions. McCabe was clearly acting properly, as Sessions recused himself from the Trump-Russia probe after getting caught committing perjury. It’s unclear what Trump thinks he’s proving by retweeting this, but in reality he’s merely reminding everyone that Sessions, a yet-to-be-charged felon, was one of his criminal co-conspirators.

In any case here, the real upshot here is that Donald Trump is suddenly in a very, very bad mood this afternoon. Is it because of today’s Miami Herald story indirectly connecting him to the infamous Florida massage parlor sex trafficking ring? Or is there some other bombshell yet to come that we don’t yet know about? Stay tuned.

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