Donald Trump throws psychotic tantrum about his collapsing poll numbers

The Trump 2020 campaign continues to become less about trying to win, and more about trying to placate an increasingly delusional and fading Donald Trump. Instead of holding a rally next week in a swing state that Trump needs, he’s holding rally in a state that he already has in the bag, because the crowd will cheer him more loudly there. And instead of trying to do anything about his collapsing poll numbers, he’s insisting they’re fake.

Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign has sent a letter to CNN, demanding that the network retract its recent poll showing Joe Biden up by fourteen points, and apologize for having dared to publish the poll in the first place. Naturally, CNN’s response to the letter is to roll its eyes. Nevermind that Trump is doing nearly as badly in every other poll; the CNN poll in particular got under Trump’s skin, so his campaign is carrying out a tantrum on his behalf, in order to sate him.

This is what Donald Trump has been reduced to. His campaign staffers don’t know how to get his poll numbers up, so instead they tell him he’s secretly winning. Whenever Trump sees on TV how ugly his poll numbers are, his handlers tell him the numbers are fake. And when Trump demands that something be done about the “fake” polls, his handlers send a silly letter. This isn’t campaigning; it’s triage.

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