Roger Stone has profane meltdown as Sam Nunberg testifies against him in Trump-Russia

Former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg spent a week last month very loudly declaring to any interviewer who would listen that he wasn’t willing to testify against his mentor Roger Stone, even though he’d been subpoenaed to do so by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. At the end of that week, Nunberg testified for the grand jury anyway. At the time, Palmer Report suggested that perhaps Nunberg was merely trying to put on a good show for Stone, by making it appear he’d fought the law as far as he could. If that was the goal, suffice it to say that Stone isn’t impressed.

Roger Stone was long ago permanently banned from Twitter after he launched a series of sexist attacks and threats against various female political pundits. But he still posts to Instagram from time to time. Here’s what Stone wrote on Instagram over the weekend: “Sam Nunberg has a serious cocaine problem. Nothing this psycho says can be believed. He is a lying asshole.” He also added a video in which he called Nunberg a “coke head.” This is notable because it comes a few weeks after Nunberg’s initial grand jury testimony. Why didn’t Stone melt down back then? Why now?

It’s possible Stone has simply snapped belatedly; his days on Twitter revealed that he does routinely lose control on social media at seemingly random intervals. It’s also possible that Stone knows something we don’t. The last reported information about Nunberg’s testimony is that he would be returning for five additional days before the grand jury. No additional information was provided about when those days would take place. Nunberg has shown himself to be rather loose lipped about his testimony. Is it possible that he recently revealed what he told the grand jury about Stone during one of his subsequent days of testimony, and Stone got wind of it?

In any case, Sam Nunberg is not Robert Mueller’s only witness against Roger Stone. Last week Mueller detained Stone associate Ted Malloch at the airport and subpoenaed him to testify before the grand jury as well. Mueller also has at least one unnamed witness against Stone, as well as the possible cooperation of Randy Credico, which would be a fourth witness. So if Roger Stone is looking to discredit witnesses against him, it won’t be enough to merely discredit Nunberg.

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