President-elect Joe Biden just perfectly handled Donald Trump’s delusional refusal to concede after losing

Donald Trump has lost. No amount of delusional fantasizing from him, or lip service from his henchmen, is going to change that. In fact it’s pretty clear that Trump is only refusing to concede so he can continue to fundraise from his gullible fans, with the fine print in his fundraising letters making clear that 60% of the donations go to pay off his campaign debt.

While speaking today, President-elect Joe Biden addressed Donald Trump’s ongoing refusal to concede. Biden said this: “I just think it’s an embarrassment, quite frankly.” This is the perfect response. Trump is in fact embarrassing himself for a little bit of cash. Trump’s underlings like Barr and Pompeo are publicly going along with the fantasy because they don’t want him to rage-fire them next, and because they’re probably both going to need a pardon from Trump on his way out the door. Biden even made a point of laughing at Pompeo’s remark, which is how you handle this kind of paper tiger empty threat.


Meanwhile, President-elect Biden is busy speaking with world leaders and getting the transition process underway, with or without Trump’s help. Trump is largely irrelevant to the process now, and Biden isn’t going to give credence to Trump’s delusional election fantasy by going point by point with him as if it were real.

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