President Biden just nailed it

The impeachment trial of former “president” Donald Trump has ended as most expected it would — in an acquittal. Many of the Republicans who voted to acquit claimed to do so on technical grounds. Mitch McConnell, for example, took to the Senate floor following acquittal to voice his disgust for Trump, calling him “practically and morally responsible for provoking” the event of January 6, according to U.S. News & World Report. While everyone continues to debate the impeachment trial and its outcome, one person in Washington rose above everything. President Joe Biden kept his head down and continued to work on relief for the American people. As Politico reported, Biden’s silence works in his favor.

By remaining outside of the entire conversation of impeachment, Obama administration press secretary Robert Gibbs said that the Biden administration is “drawing a governmental contrast, a moral contrast, a values contrast,” which is something we all sorely need. After four years of governmental focus on anything but the American people, we need to go back to the reason we even have a government. Now, Biden’s cabinet members can be confirmed so that he can continue to focus on COVID relief, immigration reform, and infrastructure, all of which he began working on prior to the distracting events of last week.

Biden’s focus is on his goal of vaccinating as many people as possible in the coming months, but he is also focusing on other issues of concern to the American people. According to CNN, President Biden is calling on Congress to enact “meaningful” gun legislation in the wake of the third anniversary of the Parkland shooting, as reported by CNN. President Biden has called for widespread background checks on the sale of all firearms and a ban on assault weapons. The gun nuts will fight this, but none of them can show that they have any need for an assault rifle for protection or hunting, so these laws will not infringe upon their Second Amendment rights as they claim. These laws are to protect others from the actions of those who go on shooting sprees, leaving innocent victims in their wake. If a lawful gunowner objects to this, then there is something wrong. President Biden’s proposed ban includes high-capacity magazines, and he wants to remove immunity for manufacturers who make these types of weapons readily available. This is not an infringement; it is good sense law.

President Biden and his administration have been questioned relentlessly about the impeachment proceedings, and they refused to respond or give it much attention. According to Newsweek, he has now commented, calling it “a sad chapter” in American history, but he does not plan to dwell on the issue further. He has reiterated his call for unity and reminded us that “democracy is fragile.” Finally, Joe Biden has called all of us to be vigilant by defending truth and defeating lies. Indeed, lies are what brought us to the point. It is time to move ahead in positive and optimistic ways to move our country forward. President Biden gives us the positivity and optimism we need to do just that.

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