President Biden just hit it out of the park

President Joe Biden waited until the hundred day mark of his presidency before giving his first address to Congress, because he’s been more than a little busy putting out fires and navigating America through multiple crises. But as has become a consistent theme of late, during his speech tonight, Biden rose to the occasion and showed that he’s the President for the right time.

As has increasingly become his forte, Biden managed to roll out ambitious progressive initiatives while framing them in a way that moderates can get on board with. For instance, Biden announced he’s making a big move on renewable energy, while pointing out that it’ll benefit the U.S. economy because we can have wind turbine components manufactured in Pittsburgh instead of Beijing.

Of course Biden is still leading the nation through the latter stages of the COVID pandemic, and he took the time to spell out just how many Americans are now fully vaccinated, while urging Americans to continue to get vaccinated. In a sign of just how strange of a time we live in, even Ted Cruz ended up enthusiastically applauding Biden’s call for everyone to get vaccinated.

President Biden also took an aggressive hardline stance against Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been attacking and sabotaging the United States for the past several years. It’s almost surreal to hear a United States President actually being tough on Russia, after the former guy essentially worked for Russia.

Tonight’s speech was precisely what President Biden, and America, needed. Now he’ll surely get back to work with his jobs plan, infrastructure plan, environment eduction plan, and his other bold initiatives.

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