President Biden is turning the Judiciary upside down

There’s a growing clamor of people demanding to know what President Biden and the Democrats have accomplished in the short time they’ve held power. It’s one thing to say that they can’t be expected to clean up the mess they inherited from the last administration or from Mitch McConnell’s majority but there are a number of ways in which America is better off without the GOP in charge, even if there’s only a 50-50 balance in the Senate with Vice President Harris as the tie-breaking vote.

While the media has been trying to produce drama about the judicial nomination process with several Biden appointees hanging in the balance, President Biden has already been setting records for the number of confirmed federal judges in his first year of office – more than any presidential administration has done in the last forty years. On Wednesday, he announced nine new nominees to the bench, bringing the total for the year to 73 – one more than the ones nominated by the former guy at this point back in 2017.


He also kept a promise to nominate a judiciary that looks like America, with a number of diverse nominees rather than a laundry list from the Federalist Society that we would inevitably see in a second Trump term. This is not only a significant step to cleaning up Republican messes, but it will reshape the judiciary in critical ways for decades after Joe Biden is president.

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