Local police call BS on Mike Pence’s vanishing act

This week Mike Pence briefly vanished due to a supposed security issue – and there’s still no one in the White House who can tell us what happened. Pence’s plane was either turned around while on its way to New Hampshire, or his plane never took off, depending on which line of BS from the White House you want to believe. Now the Trump regime is insisting that it’ll be another week or two before it can tell us what happened, even as Trump’s own explanation of the matter just got shot down by local police.

Palmer Report explained yesterday that Donald Trump made the whole thing worse when he made the claim that Mike Pence’s trip was canceled due to a security issue at Pence’s destination in New Hampshire. Because Trump was being so oddly specific, it became easy to disprove his claim. Sure enough, that’s what just happened.

Salem Deputy Police Chief Joel Dolan is now telling the Washington Post that if there were any threats related to Mike Pence’s intended destination in the city, “we would have known about it.” In other words, the local police are essentially calling out Donald Trump for lying about why Pence didn’t show up.

We knew this whole thing would get worse for the White House the minute Donald Trump opened his mouth about it, and sure enough, now the police are calling BS on the whole thing. It’s now more clear than ever that whatever happened with Mike Pence, it’s the kind of thing that the White House felt compelled to try to cover up. And because the coverup has been botched so badly, it’s going to keep becoming a bigger story until someone exposes what really happened.

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