Point of no return

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The GOP has done it. They’ve finally reached the point of no return. Look –everyone has a point of no return, a point where they lay their sanity firmly on the shores to be swept away and never heard from again.

Thankfully, most of us do not reach that place. That’s because most of us have this little thing called logic. And critical thinking skills. We know when to call out betrayal. Not so, GOP. They have reached their breaking point of no return. At this point, I doubt they could even find their sanity, if they dived into the depths of hell to find it.

Trump called for an end to our Constitution. Now anybody with a brain would call that out — because what he did was wicked and, dare I say, traitorous. But not most republicans. Case in point:

Ohio Rep. Dave Joyce spoke to anchor George Stephanopoulos this Sunday. And he just couldn’t do it. He couldn’t denounce Trump. Joyce tried to wiggle out of talking about Trump’s latest deranged statement, but George was relentless and would not let him off the hook so easily.

Joyce finally said that he would have no problem supporting Trump were he to be the nominee in 2024. Now — he won’t be. But Joyce’s statement was stunning in the face of it all, and nobody seemed more stunned than Stephanopoulos himself.

“That’s a remarkable statement,” he said. And he continued. “You just said you’d support a candidate who’s come out for suspending the constitution.”

“Well, you know he says a lot of things,” Joyce answered. “I can’t really be chasing every one of these crazy statements that come from any of these candidates.”

“You can’t come out against someone who’s for spending the Constitution?” an incredulous Forge pushed back.

“He says a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean that it’s ever going to happen.”

Oh God. This was so very painful it made one want to cover their eyes. It’s a train wreck. Does the GOP have a breaking point with Trump? It appears not. Many other republicans are being silent as well. It’s — it’s a shitshow. There really is no other way of looking at this.

The GOP has passed a point of no return. They can’t come back from this. Everyone will be hounding them about it. The party is in splinters. That’s what you get when you lose your spine.

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