Paul Manafort just got hit with poetic justice

Now this is just plain darned funny, and one of the best examples of poetic justice I’ve seen recently. We all know that Manafort has been stonewalling, while depending upon his high-priced attorneys to get him off the hook on charges brought by Special Counsel Mueller’s team. Until today.

Mashable and other news sources are reporting that Mr. Manafort’s inability to convert PDF to Word and vice-versa, along with Manafort’s written requests for assistance from Mr. Gates in the process, has left a clear paper trail of crimes the two traitors collaborated to commit. Apparently, Mr. Manafort and Mr. Gates sent documents back and forth electronically with detailed instructions and descriptions to each other of documents they were altering in order to commit fraud. Various major news outlets are calling this good solid proof that Special Counsel Mueller will take full advantage of it to press Manafort into flipping as a witness and, of course, in prosecuting the traitors.

It is truly amazing, the arrogance of some folks. I once worked as a paralegal in antitrust litigation. I was tasked to scan microfische for written, ideally signed, documentation proving price fixing between presumed competitors. I did find it and the perps were nailed because of their arrogant disregard for the law and their apparent disbelief that they could be caught.

Do these types of blunders qualify the perpetrators for deplorable Darwin Awards? Makes me wonder what the thought process was while the crimes were being committed, other than a fevered pitch of frenetic activity to complete the crime to reap the rewards. Now the awards have arrived, in part, with Mueller bringing dozens of new charges against Manafort and Gates. Now, for the icing on the cake, let’s hope these career criminals will be remanded to non-cushy federal prisons to serve out their life sentences!