Playing with fire

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The GOP is playing with fire. Not content with the falling of Roe, some Republicans have decided to weigh in on the abortion pill appeal and try to get the appeals court to uphold the Texas Judge’s ruling. A group of 69 idiotic Republicans have filed a brief. In this brief, they all but beg the appeals court to uphold the ruling and continue to let them snatch away women’s rights.

They accuse the FDA of acting in an “unlawful” manner by ever approving Mifepristone in the first place. Well — this is one way to get reelected, I suppose (sarcasm). And I’m sure that these 69 Republicans are hoping WE don’t notice, and this story just glides under the radar, sort of like their own morality.

Only it isn’t going to. Here is a list of some of the Republicans who have signed this letter:

Jim Banks of Indiana

Lauren Boebery of crazy town

Senator Rick Scott of Florida

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi

Senator Little Marco of Florida

“We urge the court to deny the emergency motion for a stay,” the letter says. This letter also comments on the “harms” this drug causes women even though it isn’t harmful. Look — let’s get real here. Does anyone think Marco Rubio gives a damn about women? He doesn’t care about little children getting shot; why would he care about women’s safety?

This is merely an attempt to turn back the clock and MAKE AMERICA CHRISTIAN AGAIN. Put the women away in their tiny compartments where they worry about serious things like whether republican men’s meat and potato dinners are ready on time. Deny women any power so they can smugly take over women’s independence while silently cursing the word feminism.

Lord it over women because they hate them and have no idea what the word “freedom” even means. Keep the smarmy smiles on their wretched faces while pretending to understand women and sympathize with them. Let’s remember the names of these traitors. And let’s hope that eventually, we can vote out each and every one of them.

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