Want to know what Robert Mueller is doing to Donald Trump behind the scenes? It’s already in plain sight.

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One of the more common questions I get asked is what Robert Mueller’s criminal case against Donald Trump is ultimately going to look like once it’s all laid out. Mueller has intentionally planted some clues in the media along the way, but seemingly only to try to get Trump to panic and harm himself further. Aside from those occasional instances, Mueller has necessarily kept much of his gameplan against Trump a secret. But if you want to know what we’re going to be looking at, it’s already in plain sight; the charges have simply been brought against someone else.

Donald Trump and Paul Manafort have long been living parallel lives. They long ago gave up any hope of making a buck honestly, so they each started taking bad money from bad people, and along the way they became indebted to the kind of people they couldn’t say no to, which in turn led them into even deeper criminal corruption. So if you want to know what Mueller is doing to Trump behind the scenes, take a look at what he’s in the process of doing to Manafort in full public view.

Manafort is now facing dozens of felony charges, ranging from money laundering, to tax fraud, to obstruction of justice, to conspiracy against the United States. If you look through the paperwork, you’ll find an extraordinary level of detail, exposing and spelling out seemingly every fraudulent and illegal thing that Manafort has ever done. And yet every time we turn around Mueller hits Manafort with even more criminal charges as he uncovers yet more instances of corruption. Mueller has dissected Manafort’s life in painfully minute detail, and exposed him as being a decades-long career criminal.


If Robert Mueller is willing to do this to Paul Manafort, who isn’t even the primary target of the investigation, just to try to get Manafort to flip on Donald Trump, then it’s a given that he’s been doing at least as much digging into Trump’s own life of crime. We’re going to see Trump hit with charges for everything he’s ever done wrong, from his role in the rigged election, to his financial fraud over the past several decades. Trump will be hit with the most comprehensive criminal case in American history. It’ll expose him as the worst criminal in the nation’s history. At this point it’s clear that Mueller is bringing the house.

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