Jerry Nadler stomps all over Donald Trump’s latest pipe dream for saving himself

Donald Trump’s latest pipe dream for saving himself from prison apparently involves stealing the Mueller report from Robert Mueller, putting a big red X through the parts that incriminate him, and waving a magic wand, all while hurling some more insults at the late John McCain. Back in the real world, Trump’s latest pipe dream just got shattered.

Trump told reporters today that he thinks the public should get to see Robert Mueller’s full report. But along the way, Trump slipped in one rather absurd detail: he should get to see the report before Congress does. We all know why. Trump is hoping to find a way to prevent Congress from seeing the ugliest parts of the report, or at least get the opportunity to lie about these things before Congress can reveal it all to the public.

But nothing works that way, and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler just reminded everyone of as much. He tweeted “The law here is very clear. When he finishes his work, Special Counsel Mueller is required to report to the Attorney General, who is required to report to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.”

In other words, Attorney General William Barr would be committing a crime by letting Donald Trump see the Mueller report before he gives it to Congress. Trump would run his big mouth about it, Barr would get caught in the act, and he’d end up in prison. We don’t think Barr is that reckless or stupid – and Nadler just reminded Barr that he would face consequences if he were tempted to do something that stupid.