Everyone piles on after Donald Trump has idiotic meltdown

Donald Trump has failed in his effort to convince Americans that his racist border wall is necessary. He’s failed to convince Americans that his government shutdown is necessary, or that his shutdown is somehow the fault of the Democrats. He’s failed to stop Robert Mueller from closing in on him. He’s failed to stop Democrats from taking control of the House. So what does the biggest failure in American history do for an encore? An idiotic meltdown, of course.

After a few weird tweets patting himself on the back for no apparent reason, Donald Trump finally posted the centerpiece of his evening’s argument for how great he is: an image of his wall/fence/landfill monstrosity, with a giant image of his face superimposed behind it. Take a look at this stupid thing:

No one was particularly kind when it came to the responses. Several people pointed out that despite the “wall is coming” caption, the thing depicted in the image was clearly not a wall. Others pointed out that Trump had just unwittingly placed himself behind what looked a lot like prison bars. Still others pointed out that Trump clearly hadn’t watched Game of Thrones.

So this is how Donald Trump ends, not with a bang, but with a delusion. There will be no wall – ever – and soon there will be no Trump presidency, as he gets ousted and hauled off to prison. As long as Trump is content to stage idiotic meltdowns and post nonsense like this graphic, it means he has no plan for saving himself from his inevitable downfall. The prison walls are coming.