Everyone piles on after two Trump stooges get busted in fake scandal about Robert Mueller

It involves an almost indescribably surreal level of stupidity. It’s the kind of stupid criminal story that, if pitched as part of a fictional movie script, would be rejected for being too unrealistic. It’s one of Team Trump’s last big gasps against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and it’s turned into an internet-wide punchline.

By now you’ve probably heard most of the story. Donald Trump’s Twitter pals Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman hyped a supposed bombshell scandal in which several women were about to accuse Robert Mueller of sexual harassment. Then Mueller’s office announced that he was referring the whole thing to the FBI for investigation, because the women involved came forward to say that someone – allegedly Burkman – had tried to pay them to make false accusations against Mueller. Then the media pieced together that the “intel firm” involved was a fake company whose “executives” were fake names with stock photos of minor public figures, and whose listed phone number was forwarded to that of Jacob Wohl’s mom.

Suffice it to say that, if it can be proven that Wohl and Burkman were behind this scheme (they’re both strongly denying it on Twitter tonight), they’re both looking at prison. In the meantime, the punditry is dishing out its own punishment.

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell quipped, “Do not try to frame Robert Mueller if you have a phone number rerouting to your mother.” Twitter user Andrew Scott pointed out that he “didn’t know who Jacob Wohl was, but apparently I had already blocked him. Way to go, former self!” Another Twitter user known as American Patriot explained it this way: “We should all thank Jacob Wohl for the comedic relief he provided after such a tough week. I, for one, got a lot of laughs out of this today.”

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