PGA takes major golf tournament away from domestic terrorist Donald Trump

The dismantling of domestic terrorist Donald Trump continues. Even as Mike Pence begins talking about the 25th Amendment, the House moves forward with impeachment to place pressure on Pence, and Twitter has banned Trump for life, even the golf world is now cracking down on him.

The PGA has decided to take the 2022 PGA Championship tournament away from Donald Trump’s Bedminster golf course, according to reporting out of New Jersey today. This is a big deal because golf is generally considered the most Republican-leaning of all the pro sports, to the point that a number of professional golfers have stood by Trump as recently as a couple months ago.

But now that Donald Trump has incited a deadly terrorist attack against the U.S. Capitol Building, in a de facto attempt at murdering Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, even the golf world is preparing to throw Trump under the bus. Trump’s endgame antics are rapidly destroying whatever kind of life he might have had after leaving office. Of course Trump will be in prison by the 2022 PGA Championship anyway.

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