Melania Trump jumps the shark and back again

If you read between the lines, it sounds like Melania was chided on her trip to Africa by Deputy National Security Council Mira Ricardel, for wasting too much money. In exchange for her attempt at fiscal responsibility, she was removed from her job. If ever one thought that Melania had it in her to be charitable, this incident seems to be a good indicator that her goodwill only extends as far as her privileged lifestyle is protected.

It started with an argument on the plane regarding seating, and then on the ground there were apparently other intolerable offenses by Ricardel. Melania wanted to use National Security Council resources in a way they aren’t meant to be used, and I guess she doesn’t like hearing the word “no” – nor does she care for Ricardel’s strong personality, which is code for “I’m the prettiest girl in the room.”

Perhaps Melania asked The Donald to fire Ricardel and she was refused, because something spurred her to take the situation into her own hands, having her spokesperson issue an unprecedented public statement calling for Ricardel’s head, thus forcing Donald Trump’s hand. Why this statement should force his hand is not quite clear, but apparently that is how their marriage works. Melania’s representative made the following public statement: “It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that Mira Ricardel no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House.” Translation: “This woman is not good enough to serve me, Melania.” If this is the way the First Lady chooses to exercise her muscle, let’s hope she’s not too energetic.

Melania even went so far as to informally accuse Ricardel of planting negative stories in the press about the First Lady. This sounds preposterous to me, given that Ricardel is a longtime service member of one of the most elite security forces in America. Once again, the Trumps have failed to realize that people with integrity do exist, just not in their family. Melania has quarreled with others in the administration, such as John Kelly over the size of her office, and how he has restricted her travel plans. Journalists have also reported that she has been picking arguments with the press. It sounds like Melania is just as disappointed as the rest of us in the way the world is going, but for completely opposite reasons.