Donald Trump’s stooge Peter Navarro just got destroyed

When all else fails for Donald Trump, he usually sends Kellyanne Conway on television to make a fool of herself and create a distraction. When Trump screws up so badly that he needs an even bigger distraction, he sends Peter Navarro on television to make an even bigger fool of himself.

The thing is, these attempted distractions only work if the media is left befuddled and can’t remember what the original underlying scandal was. Fortunately for America, when Peter Navarro went on CNN today, host Brianna Keilar ate him for breakfast:



To her immense credit, Brianna Keilar simply refused to let go of her original question about why the Trump regime can’t come up with enough ventilators to keep America safe from the coronavirus crisis. Peter Navarro failed because he couldn’t move her off that question, no matter how many lies he told, or how insultingly he behaved.

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