The real reason Nancy Pelosi is pretending she’s not going to impeach Donald Trump

Timing is everything, so why did Nancy Pelosi choose this week to say publicly that she would not move to impeach President Trump unless she discovers new and significant information? And, even more curious, why would Maxine Waters, who has been the most vocal proponent of impeachment, suddenly reverse course and support Pelosi’s statement and echo her sentiments that they need Republican support?

If reports are to be believed, it is all about timing. As Palmer Report stated yesterday, it is being reported that Mueller turned in his report to William Barr last week, and Mueller wants to indict President Trump. Barr, reportedly said no to indicting the President, but agreed to Mueller’s other indictments, including Trump’s children.

Instead of making a final decision and unleashing the indictments however, Barr held off. Speculation on the Hill is that Barr feels it is up to Congress to impeach, not the DOJ to indict, and that Mueller’s counter argument is that if there has to be more than one check to abuse of power, and if one check fails, another check cannot fail. Cue the message from Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. The message is not that they will not impeach, but it is that you should indict, and if you don’t, you have to send a report so full-throttled it will convince Republicans.

Pelosi’s and Water’s statements are intended for an audience of one and that one is William Barr. Many Democrats on the Hill believe that Barr is focused on limiting the damage the Trump scandal will do to the Republican Party, and the Republicans want Trump out by 2020, but Republicans would prefer to force Democrats into the lead position on impeachment, so they could suffer from the inevitable backlash.

Pelosi brilliantly sent a message, to Attorney General Barr. Do your part or own the consequences. You cannot hand off your responsibility to Pelosi and expect her to run with it. Nancy Pelosi will not fall into a political trap.

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