Nancy Pelosi and Ilhan Omar just teamed up to slam dunk Donald Trump

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Infighting among House Democrats? What infighting? For weeks Donald Trump has been trying to push the racist notion that four nonwhite freshman Democratic Congresswomen don’t belong in the United States, while also insisting that the four of them are at odds with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

While Nancy Pelosi and “The Squad” have had their differences on matters such as legislation, the “schism” between them appears to have been massively overstated – both by the media and by Donald Trump. The question was how they could turn that around. Days ago, Pelosi met privately with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to air out their differences, and they made a point of making sure the media reported that they had smoothed things over. But Pelosi and Ilhan Omar took a more fascinating approach.

Ilhan Omar is the only member of The Squad who is actually an immigrant. Trump told her to “go back” to where she came from, so she did – and Nancy Pelosi went with her. Omar and Pelosi toured Africa together, and then Omar posted some photos of the two of them holding hands while doing so:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues hurling increasingly blatant racist attacks at every nonwhite person he doesn’t like. Just this morning, Trump openly smirked about the fact that Congressman Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore home was burglarized, even as questions arise about how Trump knew of the burglary immediately after it happened and long before it became public knowledge.

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