Nancy Pelosi just played Donald Trump like a fiddle

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On paper, it was supposed to be a rare moment of bipartisanship on the broadly popular issue of infrastructure. In reality, it was a face-off between Donald Trump, who’s trying to fend off investigations and legal battles on all fronts, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s going to decide when Trump’s impeachment begins. The whole thing went sideways immediately – and Trump went off a cliff.

Here’s what went down. Last night the media reported that Pelosi and the House Democrats would be holding a meeting about impeachment. This morning Pelosi accused Donald Trump of leading a “coverup.” Then Trump walked into his meeting with Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and according to multiple major news outlets, Trump yelled around for a couple minutes before leaving. Then we all saw him have an incoherent and sniff-filled meltdown on the White House lawn while reporters looked on in confusion. Pelosi then expressed concern for Trump’s well-being and announced that she’ll “pray” for him.

By the time it was over, Donald Trump had unwittingly made the case directly to the American people that he’s covering up a number of serious crimes, and that he’s too mentally unstable to remain in office. Meanwhile, Pelosi and Schumer got to make the argument that they tried to work with the guy on a real issue like infrastructure, but he’s clearly too far gone.

Not only is Nancy Pelosi going to impeach Donald Trump, she’s goading him into finishing himself off for all to see. It’s been clear all along that she wants to be able to make the argument to nonpolitical and nonpartisan Americans that she’s only impeaching him because she has no choice. Trump made that a whole lot easier today.

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