Paul Gosar flames out

The narcissistic personality cannot be cured. There are certain conditions known as “personality disorders.” These disorders have no cure. They’re permanent. They can sometimes be controlled with medication but not cured. I mention this because if I were a betting person, I’d bet many in politics have the disorder of narcissism. Politics, like Hollywood, seems to draw this personality out.

And I am pretty sure Paul Gosar is a narcissist (AND a traitor, but that’s for another day.) Gosar reportedly does not like the fact that he is facing censure. He doesn’t like it at all. The poor, poor little insurrectionist.

But Gosar, instead of taking responsibility as a non-narcissistic personality would most likely do, is shouting his contempt for Congress. Taking matters into a more bizarre place, Gosar is insistent that HE is the real victim in this. Narcissism at its finest, people.

Gosar is puffing away, haughtily declaring his terrorist threat was really a mere “cartoon.” And he is also saying the left is trying to cancel him. I say – so what if we are? The man is unhinged, and if “canceling” means getting his loony ass out of Congress, then heck, yeah, I am all for that.


The fact is this is a pathetic and deeply disturbed person whose own family has declared him a traitor. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Gosar’s ruined personality will not let him take responsibility because one of the biggest rules of the narcissist is they are always right. Sounds like a particular orange person.

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