Trump supporters are talking about forming their own Patriot Party – and it could be good news for us

– Trump supporters are talking about starting a new political party and calling it the Patriot Party. Might as well call it the Confederate party and be done with it. Here’s the thing: if the conservative vote is split among the Republican Party and the Patriot Party, either party will have a difficult time winning elections. The Democrats will dominate for awhile, until one of the two conservative parties dies.

– Of course Trump supporters are having trouble getting over his loss. They lost the civil war 150 years ago and they haven’t gotten over that yet either.

– Whether it’s the Washington Post calling for Joe Biden to falsely give Trump credit for the vaccine, or the WSJ telling Jill Biden to pretend she doesn’t have a doctorate, newspapers need to stop publishing stupid op-eds written by unfit authors in the name of “balance.”

– This is a quote from Eliza Orlins, a candidate for Manhattan District Attorney in the 2021 election: “Trump is reportedly considering a pardon for the Trump Organization’s CFO. A friendly reminder from your future Manhattan DA: Presidents can’t pardon ANYONE for New York State crimes.”

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