Donald Trump is out of ideas, out of gas, and he’s got nowhere to go

Poor “president” Trump. He is completely out of ideas (not that he ever had any) for how to win back the White House in 2020. Ordinarily, a sane person would be fighting for his life, putting on display all the positive things he has done during his presidency, but Trump has two problems: he’s not sane, and he has done absolutely nothing positive.

Instead, Trump decided to resort to what he knows — lie, denigrate, play the race card, and cheat. His attempts to make it difficult if not impossible to vote by mail by crippling USPS will fail. Ironically, Trump and Melania have requested their vote-by-mail ballots according to CNN. CNN also reported that Trump believes Florida’s system is “secure.” Why would their system be any more secure than any other state? Because he calls it home? Trump’s supporters can ignore Trump’s hypocrisy, but the rest of us are not stupid.

Showing time and again that he will do anything to win, Trump’s effort to cripple USPS impacts more than just mail-in voting. Washington Post reported that those who are most impacted by Trump’s latest assault on our democracy are veterans, senior citizens, and those who live in rural areas, groups most likely to vote Republican. In Trump’s twisted mind, however, he is somehow hurting Democrats. As we say in the south, “bless his heart.” He is still dumb as a box of rocks. His attempts to use the birther nonsense against Kamala Harris fell flat, and to Trump’s chagrin, Kamala Harris is boosting Joe Biden’s campaign.

Politico reported that a few days after Biden’s choice of Harris, Biden’s fundraising increased, and for the first time, we witnessed a hometown crowd. Fox News reported that in the 48 hours following Biden’s announcement, his campaign raked in $48 million in donations. The amount has been confirmed by the campaign, and they further revealed that 150,000 donors are new to the campaign. Apparently, it is not always accurate that the VP candidate does not matter. Biden said that the “excitement is palpable,” and that excitement is being seen in various ways.

According to Politico, West Indian voters in Florida are excited, creating a White House menu including Caribbean delicacies and Caribbean radio flooding the Biden campaign with calls. The excitement is running through the Jamaican-American community and those in south Florida who claim roots in Haiti, the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana, all of which make up the “Black West Indian diaspora,” which was earlier ignored and which will now make an impact on the 2020 election. The census estimates that this community includes more than 2.5 million and specifically “hundred of thousands” of Florida voters, which is a battleground state. One of Biden’s top advisers, Karen Andre, is of Haitian-American descent, and she believes the choice of Harris “is going to energize us. It’s the pick that’s getting us motivated.”

With new voters who previously showed no interest in the election and Trump’s continued failures, we may well see new leadership in 2021. Let us keep the excitement going and make this dream a reality.

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