The real reason Donald Trump won’t get pardoned after he’s ousted

As Palmer Report has previously explained, there will never be a president Mike Pence. While Donald Trump continues to react to the news that he will soon be ousted from power, there are still a number of individuals who fear Pence will be given the power to further hurt America. While Trump has already done immense damage to the country, there is no reason to ever believe that Pence would be an improvement.

While Pence continues to hide in the shadows, hoping to escape the coming ouster of his boss, he completely ignores his own history. The only reason that Pence was promoted to Donald Trump’s vice president candidate was due to the orders of a Kremlin agent. It’s been documented that Paul Manafort convinced Trump to select Pence as his second in command.

Marcy Wheeler recently pointed out that “The Trump Organization did not get elected the President of the United States (and while the claims are thin fictions, Trump has claimed to separate himself from the Organization and Foundation). So none of the Constitutional claims about indicting a sitting President, it seems to me, would apply.” Wheeler, an independent journalist who has often opined on the Trump-Russia treason, makes the assertion that “Trump might not be able to take the Nixon — resign for a pardon — deal, because that may not be enough to save his corporate personhood.”

Despite all of Trump’s efforts to subvert democracy, he and his family are not immune to investigation. Once Democrats take control of the House in January, he can be sure that every illegal aspect of his life will be examined. While Trump is likely to put on a confident face, he’s sure to be fearing investigations from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and other prosecutors. Mike Pence can’t pardon Trump if he never becomes president to begin with. With no chance of a Pence pardon, it’s safe to say Trump will only get even more unhinged.