An open letter to the GOP about Donald Trump

An open letter to Republicans: Dear Party in Power, Your so-called “Stable Genius” seems to be not so stable. As you patriots are watching this democracy shatter under your control, the blame game is over. It has nothing to do with Bill or Hillary, and Obama didn’t set you up. You are openly protecting a president who is a danger to this country. As Donald Trump returned home to chants of “Lock Him Up,” he was most likely thinking about what he could do to shift the narrative, and take his treasonous dealings with Putin off of every front page.

Of course, what else would he do? Threaten Iran via Twitter? Clearly, there was no other option. He could not release the details of his two-hour private meeting with Putin because that would only make him look worse. He could not offer his support for the U.S. intelligence community, which unanimously says Russian election interference as fact. He deeply fears just how close Robert Mueller is to his illegally stolen election.

What we are watching is a very public meltdown, and you stand by and reinforce the instability. As Trump’s web of self-motivated lies become more evident, the chants of “lock him up” will spread across the country, hopefully on or before November 6. For those of you too chicken to call out what any rational person can see, history will not be kind to you. For those of you without faith in your constituency to call out a Russia-loving traitor, you have no right to serve in your cushy position.

We may never again see such an institution in such danger. So, patriots, you got your tax cut, now what? Is it so important to stack the Supreme Court for decades to come in order to prevent legal, safe abortions? This illegally installed leader is not in any shape to rule. His decisions are colored by those to whom he is indebted. This man should be removed from office. You have the power to end this national tragedy. If you don’t, history will reflect that you had the power, yet you looked away.

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