Ohio Senate race gets bizarre

Of all the Senate races going on, the one in Ohio is one of the most bizarre. As I’ve noted, we have Tim Ryan on our team. If ever there was a great Democratic candidate, it is he. Tim stands a real chance of winning and do not let any pundit say differently.

The problem for the insurrection party in this race is that they have a bunch of freaks all vying for the title of “GOP Ohio Candidate for Senator.” And, of course, they all want assolini’s endorsement. So, as the days tick by, the antics of these potential candidates in the GOP primary grow crazier.

As one Twitter user expertly put it: “What the hell did Ohio do in a past life that we have to be subjected to this?”

The thing is, all of these clowns are trying to out-Trump each other. To that end, their shenanigans are getting bizarre to the point that even some Republicans are openly laughing at them. The whole motley bunch of them had a little get-together the other night where they attempted to talk to Ohioans. It didn’t go well.

This event was more like a hate fest. Only it was not Democrats they were hating on. It was each other. It was quite the scene as these potential Senators (God help us all) put on a show to end all shows.

Josh Mandel (Covid denier and all-around lunatic) firmly says he believes the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. Sadly, it would appear Ohio audiences like him. Let’s just hope Ohio doesn’t like him more than Tim Ryan. Please, Ohio, in regards to Mandel — don’t do it.

Determined to prove Mandel isn’t the biggest creep running, JD Vance upped the ante by suggesting Republicans let the Government shut down until Democrats agree to end vaccine mandates. Please, Ohio — don’t do it.


The hate and fake outrage were nauseating. Please, folks — follow Tim Ryan on Twitter. Learn about him. Read up on this incredible man who really may be the only (normal) candidate among the whole pool of slime. Then donate if you can and be ready to help Ryan become the next Ohio Senator.

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