Oh Rudy…

Rudy Giuliani has some serious legal woes. These woes are largely due to Rudy hitching himself to the Orange Golden Calf (OGC) star, and as OGC’s star falls OGC is bringing the rest of his disciples down with him. But those are not the only legal woes Rudy is facing.

Amid the legal woes caused by worshipping OGC, he also got raked over the coals by his ex-wife Judith in a hearing last Friday. She alleged Rudy is in default on their 2019 divorce settlement agreement. She asked the court to hold Rudy in contempt, to which Judge Michael Katz agreed. Katz told Rudy that he has two weeks to cough up $235,000 – which includes attorney fees – or he could be jailed.

Rudy really has no one to blame but himself for these legal woes. He agreed that he owed Judith money but then whined his ex-wife didn’t fill out the complaint form correctly, which he used as an excuse as to why he didn’t pay earlier. That’s rich considering he didn’t file a response to her allegations with the court. Then he skipped a court hearing on the matter. Katz has a hell of a lot more patience with Rudy than what I would were I in Katz’s shoes.

How the mighty have fallen. This is a guy who was once lauded as “America’s Mayor” who destroyed himself working for OGC and is now in the downward spiral express lane. If he does get thrown in jail, I’ll be sure to have plenty of popcorn for the occasion.