Confirmed: Rod Rosenstein has NOT been fired, and this was all a distraction by Donald Trump

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Half an hour ago, Palmer Report pointed out that the various reports of Rod Rosenstein’s imminent demise were in conflict with each other, and it was clear that some (or maybe all) of those reports were flat out wrong. Now it turns out the entire thing was a ruse by Donald Trump, and that Rosenstein is – for now at least – still very much the Deputy Attorney General of the United States. Instead, this was all about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

First the story was that Rod Rosenstein had resigned, which rang entirely false to us, because why would he resign? It’s nearly a given that Rosenstein would stand his ground and dare Trump to fire him. Sure enough, the story was then that Rosenstein had been summoned to the White House, and that he was expecting to be fired.

Then came an LA Times report that Rosenstein was attending “previously scheduled meeting at White House as the Deputy Attorney General” and was very much not fired. Then NBC News reporter Pete Williams reported on MSNBC that all indications are that Rod Rosenstein still has his job. So what the heck just happened? That’s when the White House itself made a statement.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a statement on Twitter that Donald Trump and Rod Rosenstein will meet on Thursday to discuss the matter. In other words, Rosenstein was very clearly not fired today. So what was this all about? That’s not difficult to figure out. Today’s incorrect stories about Rosenstein’s firing surfaced at the exact same time it was reported that the police are now investigating Brett Kavanaugh. Now Trump says he’ll be meeting with Rosenstein on the same day that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is scheduled to testify against Kavanaugh. This is all an attempt at a distraction.

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