No wonder this guy is losing

Donald Trump’s 2020 poll numbers are consistently bad, across all reputable polling outlets and across the polling averages, he’s been reduced to insisting that the polls are one big conspiracy against him. He seems to have a really difficult time understanding how he can possibly be losing.

If Trump wants answers to why he’s currently getting his butt kicked, maybe he should take a look at his own tweet from earlier today: “Twitter makes sure that Trending on Twitter is anything bad, Fake or not, about President Donald Trump. So obvious what they are doing. Being studied now!”

Two hundred-thousand Americans and counting have died in a pandemic, the economy is a mess, people can’t put food on the table, there’s civil unrest in the streets, large chunks of the country are literally on fire, and this is what Trump is focusing on. He’s upset that the Twitter trending topics aren’t favorable enough him. He couldn’t be any more of out of touch. No wonder this guy is losing.

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