No wonder Fox News dumped Tucker Carlson

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We’re finally getting to the root of Tucker Carlson’s termination. The Wall Street Journal reported that part of what helped to bring him down was his “vulgar messages” about his colleagues. According to that piece, Fox had convinced the court in the Dominion case to redact Carlson’s comment calling a Fox executive a c*nt. It further alleges that Carlson was upset by the redaction because he “wanted the world to know what he had said about the executive in a private message.” So, Carlson is just as trashy as he appears to be. Carlson’s messages came out in emails and text messages that were made public during the lawsuit.

Apparently, Carlson had a hard time dealing with executives at the station. Fox, then, knew what an ass Carlson is, but they kept him because of his ratings. Once again, the old mighty dollar takes precedence over anything else. Carlson had the most watched show on the channel, which obviously translated into dollars. It is very difficult to believe that the station saw the risks in keeping Carlson on air, yet that is exactly what they did. His popularity went to Carlson’s head, and some believe he thought himself “bigger than the network.” It was obviously an easy mistake for him to make.

Over the years, Carlson has said so many unsavory things, including his obvious attacks on others, not to mention his racist tendencies. He recently commented that a Tennessee lawmaker only got into a good college because of his skin color. He also perpetrated the 2020 election lies, and he was expected to testify in the Dominion case because of his lies. Either way, it became clearer that Fox had no control over Carlson, and that had to end for the network. No one should ever have the type of power Carlson had over Fox. They need to find more honorable ways to make money and increase ratings. The funny thing is how many people were overjoyed when the news was announced.

According to Daily Mail, Pentagon officials were vocal about their happiness that Carlson is gone. One senior official said: “We’re a better country without him bagging on our military every night in front of hundreds of thousands of people,” while another kept it simple: “Good riddance!” Controversy is one thing, but being an offensive ass is another. Of course, some are speculating that Murdoch wants to sell the company and wasn’t getting any bites with Carlson on the air.

They have been losing stock and market valuation since Carlson’s termination. Matthew Tuttle of Tuttle Capital Management said: “They need to find another Carlson.” No, they don’t. Most people are so glad he’s gone that a meme began floating around Facebook about Carlson’s firing being a national holiday. While there may be some who like what he does, there are many more who do not and are glad we are free of his nonsense, at least for now. Someone will pick him up and begin airing his lies, bigotry, and racism again, so let’s enjoy it while we can.

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