No wonder Donald Trump has been stunned into silence

Motormouth Donald Trump somehow hasn’t tweeted anything at all today – a very rare occurrence. If you’ve been wondering why, now we appear to be getting our answer: he’s been stunned into silence by a series of devastating revelations which, while arriving way later than they should have, are nonetheless going to be devastating to him.

New details from John Bolton’s upcoming book have surfaced in the media today, and they reveal a whole new slate of scandals and crimes on the part of Donald Trump. If anything, it means that Bolton is even more of a traitor for having refused to testify during Trump’s impeachment hearing, because the information Bolton was sitting on might have been enough to get Trump ousted. But Bolton’s villainy aside, these revelations about Trump are off the charts.

Bolton is revealing that Donald Trump did explicitly ask Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him alter the outcome of the 2020 election. This part was already well known; Trump publicly confessed to it on the White House lawn months ago. But Bolton goes into far more detail, including the part where Trump encouraged Xi to build concentration camps for religious prisoners.

Bolton also reveals that Donald Trump thought Finland was part of Russia, that Trump didn’t know the United Kingdom had nuclear weapons, and that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Trump was “full of shit.” Of course these are just the teaser details, suggesting that there’s even uglier dirt in the book. Bolton really, really screwed us by sitting on all of this evidence. But these revelations could knock another several points off Trump’s collapsing approval rating, so now it’s Trump who’s screwed.

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