No wonder Donald Trump has been going berserk all week

The SDNY’s arrest tonight of alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is far too big for Donald Trump’s Attorney General William Barr to have stood in the way of. Barr doesn’t have a magic wand, and despite having a blank check from the Trump regime, there are things that even he can’t pull off. But Barr surely knew the arrest was coming, and there’s every reason to expect that he may have warned Trump about it – which would explain a lot.

Donald Trump woke up multiple times this week and began viciously attacking the Attorney General of New York, for reasons that weren’t clear to anyone but him. It suggested that the State of New York was about to fire off a criminal bombshell in Trump’s direction. To be clear, the SDNY is part of the federal government and has nothing whatsoever to do with the State of New York. But if William Barr told Trump that the SDNY was about to arrest Epstein, considering how little Trump knows about how the government works, it’s entirely plausible that Trump mistook that to mean the State of New York.

In any case, this impending arrest would explain why Donald Trump has been berserk all week in general. His tweets have been frantic even for him. In fact on Wednesday afternoon he fired off several of his greatest hits within the span of an hour, which led us to conclude that he’d just learned that a major bombshell was about to land. It would also explain why Trump seemed even more off his game than usual when he gave his Fourth of July speech; perhaps he was babbling about airports in colonial times because he was just that distracted by the Epstein news.

In any case, we’ll learn a whole lot more on Monday when the Jeffrey Epstein case is unsealed. It’s great news that the man is finally off the streets, and that he appears to be on his way to finally being brought to justice. But it sure looks like Donald Trump had advance notice that his pal Epstein was about to go down.

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