No wonder Donald Trump has been going so berserk all week

Donald Trump’s behavior this week has been wildly over the top even by Trump’s usual standards. His antics have been enough to force the question of whether he’s too much of an immediate danger to himself and others to be allowed to walk the streets unsupervised, let alone serve as President of the United States. Now we know what’s sent him over the edge.

Palmer Report told you yesterday that there was a bombshell coming, and either Donald Trump or his handlers knew it. By day six of his Alabama hurricane debacle, he was forcing the NOAA to put out a phony statement pretending the hurricane really was going to hit Alabama. Even he wouldn’t be taking this nonsense this far unless it was because something else was agitating him. Then last night the bombshell dropped.

Late last night, Politico reported that the House Judiciary Committee is moving forward with impeachment this upcoming week, in a big way. On Monday the committee is expected to announce a formalization of its impeachment investigation, with a vote taking place as soon as Wednesday. While the Democrats control this committee, the Republican minority on the committee has surely been aware of this plan all week, and one of them surely tipped Trump off.

So now we know why Donald Trump has had such an oversized bug up his backside all week. Impeachment scares the living crap out of him. It’ll take everything about his failed presidency and crystalize it into a historically shameful asterisk on his presidency. Not only that, the impeachment process – whether it removes him or not – will expose every last bit of his lifelong criminality in televised hearings. Now we’re just a few days away from impeachment becoming more of a reality.

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