No win scenario

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It seems that there is a bit of a kerfuffle going on quietly behind the scenes between the Trump team and the Alt-right. The Trump team seems to be trying to stay away and squash some of the more insane platform suggestions of some of the more insane members of the insane Alt-right.

NBC talked to people in the know — nine of them. They confirmed that the Trump team is fighting to stop the right-of-center right from pushing their ideas into the “official republican platform.” Some of those hot-button issues include same-sex marriage and abortion.

This is all happening because the natives on the right are restless about moving even further to the right on the above-mentioned issues. The Trump campaign is worried that the American people will not like that and will respond with revulsion and repulsion as they often do to the merry band of nothing republicans,

One former Trump campaign worker described it as this: They’re trying to “get normal people on the platform, but God knows if there are any normal people in that delegation.” It is too little too late. The Trump team will have no luck with this particular fight.

You see, if they push the rightest of the right TOO hard, they may not turn out to vote. The Trump campaign needs them. It is a true paradox for them. They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

These people who have supported Trump give away NOTHING for free, including their endorsements. They’re looking for Trump to pay up — pay up with even MORE extreme ideas that are far removed from the tidewaters of human reality.

So essentially, the Trump campaign is in a no-win position. If they push back too hard, they lose the support of those they need. If they go too hard to the right, they lose voters’ support in the center. It’s a lousy choice, one I’m glad OUR party does not have to make.

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