Donald Trump has to make a no-win decision by tomorrow

– Donald Trump, who’s obviously hard up for money, has to decide by tomorrow whether to spend $8 million to fund a Wisconsin recount. He’d be wasting the money, because he knows he’ll end up losing the recount by the end of the week. But if he doesn’t go through with it and keep up appearances, he’ll immediately have a harder time convincing his rubes to keep funding his imaginary effort.

– Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted anything today. It’s nice that we no longer have to care why.

– Donald Trump couldn’t even get his base to turn out and vote for other Republicans in the midterms and special elections before he lost. He’s not going to be able get his base to turn out in the Georgia Senate runoffs now that he’s a defeated loser. It’s absurd to suggest that he can.

– Lindsey Graham now claims he “can’t remember” which election official he spoke to in Nevada. Good luck explaining that one to the jury.

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