No way out

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I heard a story that reminded me of Kevin McCarthy. It was about a girl who had a music box. The music box glistened with water inside as beautiful fairies encircled the water in glass. Enclosed by the jeweled glass, soft music that would play when one wound it up.

The girl wished she could live in the music box, and her wish came true. She did not find it to her liking, however. That’s because she was trapped. Enclosed by glass, a lone spectator of her own lonely fate, she found there was no way out from behind the glass.

This life wasn’t for her and she was able to get out. She never took her old life for granted again. I was reminded of this melancholy and bittersweet tale when Republicans won the House of representatives. Will Kevin McCarthy be the next speaker? I think he just might be. But if he is, he will find a life not unlike that of the girl — trapped in glass.

McCarthy does not have a mandate. The GOP won by the skin of their teeth. If McCarthy actually gets his dream job, I predict he will be miserable.

For he will have no way out. He will be enclosed in his own private hell because he will be at the whims of the monsters and sorcerers whose votes he desperately needs to attain his dream.

He will promise things. He will say anything. And they will hold him to every word. McCarthy is putting it all on the line for the chance to be a prisoner of the monsters who hide under his bed, teeth bared, hands out for favors, wanting nothing more than chaos and disdain.

McCarthy will doom himself to live in servitude to these people. He will gamely start the dance, convinced there is nobody like him — that he can bring them all together.

Of course, he will learn pretty quickly that this is not his dream come true — it is his worst nightmare — a lousy fairy tale he is trapped in for evermore — or at least until the crazies get tired of him and run him out.

There is no escape for him. He will find that the term “be careful what you wish for” certainly is accurate here. He’s trapped. He will be eaten alive, and boy, will it be something to watch.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!