Nikki Haley’s campaign may be over before it began


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In politics, desperation has its own feel. If one looks closely, one can usually spot a desperate politician. It’s relatively easy. All desperate politicians share some of the same traits. Number one is: they KNOW they’re desperate. And they show this desperation in physical signs we can spot quite easily.

For instance, they all have that painted-on, tight, somewhat terrified smile. These smiles are unlike the normal smiles of ordinary humans enjoying life. No, these smiles seem to reach out to us, vainly trying to appeal to us, and the smiles seem to say: “See me. Acknowledge me. Take me seriously. I really want people to look at me as a serious candidate.”

The need wafts off them like dripping sweat. But alas! All their silent pleas are usually to no avail. The reason for that is they are not serious people. Take Nikki Haley. Haley’s campaign has barely begun, and she’s already in trouble. That tells you a lot.

But channeling her always-with-her desperation, Haley decided to GO THERE. Where? To the pit of utter stupidity occupied by many a republican loser. During CPAC, Haley made a speech. And, of course, she spoke about “wokeness.” And she said wokeness “is a virus more dangerous than any pandemic.” That’s it for Haley.

THANK YOU, Nikki, for eliminating yourself from presidential contention so early in the process. Thank you for showing your stupid cards right away. I can allready see the commercials.

Haley saddens me, frankly, even more than someone like Ted Cruz. Why? Because Raphael is a conscience-less slug, but we all knew it. He doesn’t have a choice. He was likely born soulless. But at one point, Haley had a chance to be a republic in the form of a Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger. That day was long ago, but it was there.



By saying such a ridiculous thing, she’s shown her hand. I’d hate to see Haley at a poker game. I imagine her “tells” are all over the place. She is not good at this, and like a gambler on the verge of losing everything, Haley should stop this and either withdraw her candidacy or find a new strategy.


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