Nikki Haley is up to no good

Remember back when Donald Trump first decided to almost inexplicably put Mike Pence in charge of the coronavirus task force? It was a pretty clear indication that Trump knew his regime’s coronavirus response would be a disaster, and he wanted to set up Pence as the scapegoat if necessary.

After all, Donald Trump was always going to end up replacing Pence with someone else in 2020 anyway, right? Trump has always narcissistically wanted to prove that he can win without Pence. And Trump has known all along that the Democrats were highly likely to end up having a woman on their 2020 ticket, so he was always going to swap out Pence for Nikki Haley. Or so the popular theory goes. Now it sounds like there just may be something to it.

Nikki Haley made a point of going on Fox & Friends just so she could criticize Trump’s coronavirus response and press briefings. The thing is, she’s not really criticizing Trump himself. Instead, as flagged by Bipartisan Report, she’s insisting that “we need to hold his members of the task force accountable.”

Wait a minute here. Nikki Haley is publicly urging Donald Trump to scapegoat the task force, which just happens to be led by Mike Pence. Oops. Could she be any more blatant about trying to get Trump to throw Pence under the bus and roll out the Trump-Haley ticket? These creeps are so chaotic, and yet so predictable.

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