Felix Sater just became Donald Trump’s biggest nightmare

Donald Trump is running low on options to avoid a long prison sentence, just as his prior campaign manager Paul Manafort was told by his court judge that it’s clear he may spend the rest of his life in jail. Trump is desperate to escape this likely outcome for himself. It’s evident that Trump is willing to do anything to avoid Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s hammer. While we wait with bated breath for Mueller’s outcome, it’s important to understand all that is going on.

As Trump continues to fire members of his cabinet, while also running off aides that have been with him since the beginning, it’s quite clear that he’s working to eliminate anyone that could testify against him. The fact that so many close to Trump have been forced to silence themselves during Congressional hearings speaks volumes. Trump is using executive privilege and other tactics to force individuals into silence, even from times before Trump was president. This not only violates the law, it shows Trump’s fear of the truth.

One of the issues currently being investigated by Mueller is Trump’s involvement and relationship with Felix Sater, because of their mutual business interest in Trump SoHo hotel in Manhattan. Trump’s connection to Sater, through these business dealings, created another venue of investigation to Mueller. While Sater is well known for his connection to organized crime, his business dealings with Trump are interesting for a number of reasons. While Trump had to pay massive fines for money laundering during his ownership of casinos, he was still able to promote properties financed by Sater (link).

As the Robert Mueller investigation puts heat on all of those involved, Sater just recently came out publicly with a statement that he has been working, undercover, as a spy for America (link). Sater claimed that he “provided extraordinary assistance to our government involving serious matters of national security, posing tremendous risks to my safety and the safety of my family.” He’s gone from a life of crime to a life of fervently helping the government. It might lead some to believe that he is frightened for his future, while also looking for protection. Whatever the facts may lead to, it seems evident that Trump’s “best people” are worried about themselves, while also admitting their faults. Luckily we have Mueller to determine who is actually working for America’s best interests.

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