Nice try, Donald Trump

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You don’t BELIEVE that garbage about bad weather forcing Donald Trump to cancel his North Carolina rally, do you? I’ve no doubt there WAS lousy weather. I just don’t think that was the reason for the cancellation.

It feels, to this writer, that we’ve been WAITING for something like this to happen, like we’ve been WAITING for the Trump team to make an excuse to cancel SOMETHING. Look, let’s examine the facts together. Donald Trump fell asleep in court this week and not just once.

He fell asleep twice, then thrice then… over and over he nodded off. Reports are coming fast and furious ,that the Trump campaign team is worried about how Donnie will hold up through the trial, which won’t take long, but in Trump-world, it’ll be an eternity.

Trump’s mind issues are also doing back flips as he continues to regularly make a fool of himself with words and phrases that make no sense. Do YOU believe this excuse? And then we arrive in North Carolina. Trump was supposed to speak in this tar-heel state. Then, there was an unexpected cancellation.

THUNDER! And LIGHTNING! The skies undoubtedly did open that wet, sodden night in Carolina. However, this type of thing has happened before. Lousy weather has usually not been a factor in Trump’s rallies.

The United States weather bureau didn’t think the weather would be all that bad, giving a 50% chance of rain. Do you see where I’m going? Everybody speculates that a worn-out Trump used this AS AN EXCUSE to cancel the rally. In reality, Trump perhaps did not feel like having it. But a hasty cancellation because of some rain?

DON’T BELIEVE IT. There is something more at play here. I know this. You know this. We know this. I’d like to know what event he’ll cancel next.

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