New York significantly accelerates the criminal case against Donald Trump

In the days since Donald Trump lost the election, one media leak after another has made clear that the Manhattan District Attorney is ramping up his criminal case against Donald Trump on state charges for financial crimes. Now that Trump is just three weeks away from being an ordinary citizen again, that ramp-up is accelerating significantly.

The District Attorney has brought on forensic accounting specialists to pin down Donald Trump’s criminal decision to use campaign money to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels, according to the Washington Post. This is just one aspect of numerous financial crimes that the DA is targeting Trump for. Recent reports have the charges ranging from insurance fraud to mortgage fraud, and of course this all started when the DA convinced the grand jury to subpoena Trump’s tax returns.


This criminal case from the Manhattan District Attorney can put Donald Trump in prison, and can also ask a jury to seize Trump’s assets. This is in addition to the New York Attorney General’s civil case into the Trump Organization’s finances, which can also fine Trump or seize his assets. The walls are closing in on Trump in New York, and he can’t even try to pardon himself on any of it. It’s not clear precisely when he’ll be indicted and arrested, but it’s clearly going to happen. No wonder Trump is panicking so badly.

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