Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr just got really bad news from the incoming Attorney General of New York

Even as Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the SDNY have been making increasingly aggressive legal moves against Donald Trump and everyone in his orbit, we’ve all been waiting for New York state to join the fray. The expectation is that New York will hold state-level criminal charges in reserve, in case Trump ends up being able to evade federal charges while he’s being ousted. Let’s say that New York just made a big splash on the matter.

In the months since New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned, his longtime lieutenant Barbara Underwood has been serving in the role. Best anyone can tell, she’s been preparing aggressive criminal cases against Donald Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization with regard to their dealings in the state. But Underwood made clear from the start that she wasn’t going to run in the 2018 election, and sure enough, Tish James was recently elected the new AG for New York.

Tish James ran on a platform of aggressively investigating Donald Trump’s crimes. After she won, one of her first moves was to name Underwood as a top lieutenant, thus ensuring that the efforts against Trump will continue unabated. Now James is giving an interview to NBC News, revealing some of the various investigations underway into all things Trump.

The list includes – not surprisingly – Donald Trump’s real estate fraud, his abuse of government subsidies, and his fraudulent Trump Foundation. Notably, Tish James also says New York state is investigating the Trump campaign’s meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower during the election. This is a very strong hint that she’s preparing state-level charges against Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner, who participated in the meeting. So much for Trump being able to get his family off the hook with pardons, which don’t apply to state-level charges.