New York is taking a golf course away from Donald Trump

It’s bad enough for Donald Trump that the PGA just announced it’s taken the 2022 PGA Championship away from Trump’s golf course in New Jersey, in response to Trump’s domestic terrorist attack against the U.S. Capitol Building. Now, New York is looking to one-up New Jersey by taking one of Trump’s golf courses away entirely.

Even though New York City hates Trump, and Trump hates New York City, he still has a longstanding contract to manage a handful of city properties, including a golf course and multiple ice skating rinks. Now the city is looking to void that contract and take the properties out of Trump’s hands, according to the Washington Post.

This will cost Donald Trump about $17 million per year in revenue. It might not be a crushing financial blow to Trump on its own. But this week we keep seeing one chain reaction of consequences after another, so we expect that Trump will continue to lose these kinds of contracts. For that matter, we expect Trump to lose more golf courses. This is all before the inevitable asset forfeitures as Trump’s financial crimes are prosecuted.

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