New nightmare for RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

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National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel is in a spin she cannot win. Her spin is a desperate one. You see, Ronna is a coin toss, but it doesn’t matter whether it’s heads or tails. She loses no matter WHAT happens at the end of the spin.

McDaniel has two choices. Heads — she disowns Donald Trump’s sins, admits he’s senile, a loser, and can’t win a general election. What would happen were she to do that? She’d not be the committee chair anymore. What about tails?

Well, that is where she’s here now. She is saying the GOP will always support Trump and will support him even if he is found guilty of all of his crimes. That’s tails. Heads you lose, tails you also lose. Ronna is trapped in the endless loop-around of the GOP spinning in desperate circles.

She has no recourse. What can she do? Let’s look at what she said: The GOP will continue to support Trump even if he’s convicted of crimes. Well — he WILL be convicted of MANY crimes. Ronna, dear lady, what will you do when he IS convicted — and gets sent to jail?

Can one even get to IMAGINE the shame she will feel? Of course, she will feel it. Ronna is set to be the next biggest universal joke since Milli Vanilli. You know, I’d almost LIKE Donald Trump to be the nominee to see HOW IN HELL Republicans support a man in prison. HOW IN HELL would he run a campaign? How in the world could he ever govern?

He would not be able to. But because the GOP is so afraid of their voters, they would act like he COULD. Can you imagine the LAUGHTER? Can you imagine the SNL sketches? What sort of statement would Ronna make?

“Donald Trump is the GOP nominee for President of the United States. We don’t abandon our people just because they go to prison. Unlike the Democrats, we stand loyal to Donald Trump, the most smart and kindhearted man possible.”

And maybe this: “Donald Trump doesn’t need to be in the White House to govern. He’s just that intelligent. Our nominee could easily govern from anywhere, including Alcatraz. His mind is so clear that he can govern from anywhere.”

Or perhaps: “Donald Trump is doing well in prison and has indicated that, even though he can’t speak to the American people because he only gets a few short calls a week, he is working hard on a platform that will finally have Mexico paying for that wall. He has asked the warden’s permission to be there to supervise. No response yet.”

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