Donald Trump sinks to a whole new low

While traitor Donald Trump and his treason-apologist GOP members in Congress continue to spew lies about a manufactured immigration crisis at the border, many are ignoring the actual humanitarian crisis that has developed thanks to the Trump administration’s racist and hateful family separation policy. Based on current laws, children are not allowed to be held in detention facilities for more than 72 hours before being transported to the Department of Health and Human Services, who are responsible for “finding their nearest relative in the US to house them while their immigration cases are adjudicated.” Unfortunately, the current number of children being held long over that 3 day timeline is currently unknown, due to the Trump administration’s intentional cruelty that resulted in zero plans to actually reunify separated families.

Things are set to get even worse on Tuesday, just one day after the administration announced new, even harsher, plans to expedite deportation of immigrants. “The change dramatically expands the ability of the Department of Homeland Security to quickly deport certain immigrants without any of the due-process protections granted to most other people, including the right to an attorney and to a hearing before a judge.”

Under the current policy, any undocumented immigrants who have been in the country for less than two weeks can be deported without a hearing if they were arrested within 100 miles of the border. This new policy would allow for the immediate deportation of any immigrants, regardless of the location they were found or attempted to request asylum. This change has caused many immigration advocates and immigration lawyers to fear that people who have been living in the country for over the two year threshold will be immediately deported, regardless of their current location in the citizenship process.


Anand Balakrishnan, a Senior Staff Attorney for the ACLU’s Immigrant Rights Project vocalized his concerns with the new policy. “The only way out of that is for the person to affirmatively prove that they’ve been here for two weeks or more. To have that evidence on them at all times,” he said. “It puts the burden on every noncitizen to prove their continuous presence.” While this is certainly just another dog-whistle to Trump’s racist base, it is likely also just another attempt to create a story so the media may partially ignore Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s upcoming live testimony on Wednesday. And while this hateful policy is sure to attract media attention, it will not prevent more Americans from learning of Trump’s treason through Mueller’s own words in the coming days.

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