Now the New Jersey Attorney General is going after Donald Trump

Back when the race for Governor of New Jersey was playing out a year ago, Palmer Report pointed out that the results could end up having an impact on the ongoing criminal investigations into Donald Trump, his family, and his businesses. Why? The Governor gets to appoint the Attorney General of New Jersey, and sure enough, new Democratic Governor Phil Murphy has appointed someone who’s now investigating Trump.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s office is now investigating claims of “widespread harassment and immigration fraud” at Donald Trump’s golf property in Bedminster, according to a new report from the New York Daily News. Suffice it to say that if New Jersey had elected a Republican Governor, the New Jersey Attorney General would probably not be pursuing this. So where’s it going?

At the least, it’s a black eye for Donald Trump. Several of his current and former golf resort employees are alleging “racially-charged mistreatment” which could end up being a civil matter. But here’s the thing: each of these employees is either currently an undocumented immigrant, or was one at the time the harassment took place. In other words, Trump was illegally hiring undocumented immigrants, making this a potentially criminal matter.

We’ll see where this goes. But at a time when incoming New York Attorney General Tish James is vowing to criminally pursue Donald Trump on every level possible, now the New Jersey Attorney General is piling on as well. It should be noted that since taking office, Trump has spent a significant amount of time at the Bedminster property, which could make it harder to argue that he wasn’t aware of the harassment and fraud going on at his property.

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